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Grades of chemicals

Ultra Pure Solvent– a grade suitable for chromatography & spectroscopy application

Laboratory -a grade suitable for general Cosmetic application

USP – Chemical that meet the requirements the US pharmacopeia

BP – Chemical that meet the requirements the British pharmacopeia

JP – Chemical that meet the requirements the Japan pharmacopeia

Extra Pure – a grade suitable for general application

Cleaning & Disinfection Solution –  a grade  suitable  for cleaning & disinfect application

Histology, Biochemical & Clinical – a grade  suitable  for Medical Cytology , Histology & Pathobiology laboratory application

ASTM – a grade that  meet the requirements of the ASTM standard

Indicator  -a grade suitable for indicate of color change  for Titration  & Stain application

Dental – a grade  suitable for Dental laboratory application

DNA – a grade suitable for DNA & Peptide synthesis

Dry Solvent – a grade suitable for anhydrous application same as karl fischer  or  anhydrous  reaction

Standard Solution – a grade suitable for Calibration , Qualification & Volumetric titration

Excipients – a grade suitable for Pharmaceutical product application

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Laboratory USP Reagent
Laboratory BP Reagent
Laboratory Extra pure Reagent
Laboratory Reagent
Ultra pure for Liquid chromatography
Ultra pure for Gas chromatography
Ultra pure for spectroscopy
Dry solvent Reagent
Calibration standard solution
Volumetric standard solution
Qualification standard Solution
Histology & Biochemical Reagent
Laboratory Indicator Reagent
Laboratory ASTM Reagent
Cleaning & Disinfection solution
Dental laboratory Reagent
Pharmaceutical Exipiants
Ultra pure for DNA & peptide synthesis
Labratoary ACS Reagent
Analytical Laboratory Equipment
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